Penis enlargement two methods

Right. Let’s talk to them again, and we’re going to talk about penis enhancement. So there’s a few ways to increase the size tabletki na powiększenie penisa and girth of the penis, and one of them is platelet rich plasma. That’s where we take blood from the arm. Usually. And then we process it and collect the platelet rich plasma and inject this component into the penis in multiple spots to basically deliver growth factors and cytokines and things like this to really improve the microcirculation.

And perhaps even the sensation. And ultimately the goal is to, um, allow the penis to engorge more with blood and to improve sensation. Now, best for function. Now, if we’re talking about improving, uh, length and girth, another way we can do that is with fat. Your own fat. And what we’ll do is we’ll take fat from either the flag or the admin or an area where you don’t want it.

And then we process this fat. We filter it so spinner, and we inject it directly into the, uh, the Corpus cavernosum, um, and multiple layers in 360 rays, basically the glands to the base. And we can put up, jeez, dose to 40, 50 CCS of fat, whatever is most appropriate, and that can improve. Um, again, girth, width and length.

And it also, uh, I mean, theoretically would improve sensation because we aren’t delivering STEM cells. From the fax directly to the penis, and the STEM cells act on, um, the circulation and the nerves and the tissue itself to improve. Again, blood flow and of course blood flow and when any increases to the penis will encourage it more in both the flacid interact States.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe?

Let’s talk a little bit about penis enlargement pills. You know, we see lots of men who are either considering buying penis enlargement pills or they have used them. And, uh, well to a large extent, they haven’t seen the results that they, they were hoping for.

Um, the performance of these pills is one thing, but of course, the, the most important factor here is to consider, uh, the safety. Of any medications or pills that you are taking. So please, if you, if you considering taking penis enlargement pills, be sure that you know that origin, uh, and also exactly what are in these pills.

You have to know that. And if you’re in any doubt as to whether you should be taking these penis enlargement pills, then it’s always a good idea to seek advice either from your doctor or from a qualified urologist. We’re always happy to see you at the clinic. Whatever your penis enlargement ideas are, we’re always here to give you the advice and support and to get you on the on the right track.