The Art of Search Engine Optimisation

There’s a popular joke that says if you want to hide something, you should put it on the second page of Google results — no one will think of looking there! Sadly, for web developers, this has a ring of truth to it. Anybody who keeps a website dreads the thought of being so far down the list of search results that their target audience doesn’t even know they exist. Such a situation would be especially disastrous for those who do business online.

To prevent this from happening, you need to employ the art of search engine optimisation, or a specialist seo agency ( This will give your website the best possible chances of staying at the top of search engine results. Good SEO practices include the use of keywords, link building, and the creation of informative, relevant content.

Strategic Keyword Usage

SEO is often synonymous with strategic keyword usage. Keywords are what your target audience will type in the search box — and consequently lead them to find you. The rule here is that if you place the right amount of keywords in your website, search engine algorithms will see your site as a good match and bump you up in the results rankings.

Research should be done to find the best keywords related to your website, and these should be placed in the text, titles, and URLs of your Web pages. However, you must be careful not to overdo it: Search engines will mark your site as spam if you engage in keyword stuffing.

Constructive Link Building

Search engines also rely on the links that lead to a website to determine how it ranks against similar pages. The logic here is that if other sites refer to your webpage, it must be worth looking at. You can go about constructive link building through social media, or by writing guest posts on other websites that share similar interests. You can also ask other citizens to write reviews of your product or service that include a linkback to your site in exchange for free trials.

Fresh, Top Quality Content

While you go about generating keywords and links, you must never lose sight of the fact that you are ultimately making your website for people. After they use search engines to find you, you need to engage your target audience and keep them interested. As such, creating fresh, top quality content for your website is a must, whether it takes the form of informative articles or various types of multimedia.