Important Factors That Made SEO To Evolve In 2015/16

According to SEO experts (SEOSurrey), search engine optimisation continues to evolve. In fact, SEO experts have to change their strategies and approach in search engine optimization every couple of months. The ability to adopt to the changes in SEO is important to maintain the efficiency of the online marketing campaign and get sufficient positive results. There are a lot of factors which forces search engine optimisation to evolve. Here are the important factors that made SEO to evolve.

  1. Search engine algorithms – This is the most crucial factor that forces SEO to evolve regularly. Search engine algorithms is the standard or measure which search engines rank different websites and web pages. Search engines regularly change their algorithms to avoid websites to get high rankings illegally. Once the algorithm of a major search engine changes, SEO experts will automatically change and adopt their SEO strategies.
  2. Mobile technology – Unlike the past decade where online marketing or internet itself is only accessible through a computer or laptop, mobile technology has progressed to a point where phones are now capable of using internet just like a computer or a laptop. Such rapid rise of mobile technology forced SEO experts and online marketers to make websites mobile compatible to exploit its marketing potential.
  3. Digital marketing – SEO used to focus on articles as the primary content. However, with the increase popularity of video contents, SEO is now incorporating video contents with articles to maximize the result.
  4. Social media marketing – Just like digital marketing, social media marketing has now expand to a point where it impacts how search engine optimization is done. There are a lot of social media sites being used by people around the world. These social media sites create platforms for people to promote products, services or simply get in touch with acquaintances or people with similar interests around the world.
  5. Link building – Link building is also one of the primary factors for SEO. Links increase a website reputation and credibility especially if the links are from high page ranking sites. Links should be relevant which means that the niche of the website and the website it is linking should be the same or similar.
  6. Backlinks – Backlinks are opposite to links. This is when a website is linking your website or webpage. Backlinks weigh more than links when it comes to affecting search engine rankings.
  7. Long-tail keywords – Single keyword or 2-3 words key phrases are not the only factors affecting SEO. Key phrases which can reach up to 5 to 10 words are now important in SEO. These key phrases are also called long-tail keywords.

So now you know the important factors that made SEO to evolve over time.